Aunt Suzanne

So today Hailey got to spend some time with her Aunt Suzanne. It was really nice, because it’s something that she really enjoys doing and if made the house really nice and quiet this afternoon. I got so much done while Claire slept and when she woke up we were able to have a little one on one time. I am so grateful to Aunt Suzanne for the love and kindness she always shows.

Try Again

So today I went to the doctor for my yearly physical, as well as to get my IUD removed. That’s means that we are ready to start trying to have another baby. There are times that I’m ready, but there are also times that I feel like Claire isn’t even that old yet. But my baby is growing up. She turns 18 months next week and that’s just crazy to me.

Stake Conference

Today we had the opportunity to go to Stake Conference. It was kind of nice to go to church a little bit later, but we had two very tired girls by the time we got there, and about half way through they were so done being there. But the talks that I actually got to listen to were really good. The Temple President spoke about going to the temple and making it a priority. I’m glad that we have made it a priority to visit and attend the temple. One of the members of the Stake Presidency (I don’t remember which one) spoke about learning to forgive and not allow pride to get in the way of our relationships. It was very timely advice. I’m glad we have leaders who speak the word of the Lord to us.

Tucson Temple

This morning I took the girls down to Tucson to see the temple open house. We would have loved for dad to join us to, but tomorrow is the last day it’s open and we weren’t likely to make it. It’s a beautiful little temple. So glad we were able to go.

Cabin Lists

So one of my jobs as the ward Young Women’s President was to put together the cabin lists for girls camp this year. It’s something I’ve been agonizing over for a little while. I realize that camp is only 3 nights long and most of the day is spent with who ever you want, but still there is some responsibility to find some balance between having some girls together and other not. I am done now, so pending that I don’t feel the urge to make any changes we are good to go.

Some Days

Some days are harder than others. Yesterday afternoon with Hailey was difficult. She was testing boundaries, being rude, saying no to everything. It didn’t go well. And unfortunately that’s kind of how things went this morning too. While she had friends here she chooses to be rude, difiant. I’m not exactly sure how to handle it. Work in progress here. Although she will throw in the ‘I love you ❤️’s all afternoon, so I’m not sure what to think.