So I have a pile of laundry upstairs that needs to be folded and put away. It’s sat there all day and I haven’t gotten to it yet. The laundry is not a chore that I dislike, but that being said at times it’s one of the last things to get done. I purposefully dumped the laundry out on my bed today, so I will have to put it away before I go to bed. So that’s what I’m going to go do. 


So Dan and I had dinner with some friends tonight and it reminds me the importance of friendship and having friends. It’s good to spend time with other people, to learn and grow from their experiences, to share in experiences together. I’m grateful for friends I’ve had, friends I have now , and friends that will come. 

Vistancia Triathlon

So today Dan and I competed in the Vistancia Triathlon. It was cold this morning when we showed up at the start and I was a little nervous about how cold the race was going to be. The pool was very warm and it ended up warming up, so it actually wasn’t a bad morning for a race. Overall I was pretty happy with how I did.

I know and accept the fact that I’m a slow swimmer. I have yet to spend time actually trying to improve my swimming. So when I swam the 300 yards in 8:26 I was happy. This is a slower pace than my previous races, but I haven’t swam in about a year and a half, so what should I expect.

I was nervous about being cold on the bike, but it was actually pretty nice. I was also nervous about how many hills the course would have, but it actually wasn’t too bad. It was 3 loops that made up a 16.5 mile course. I was able to complete the bike in 1:07:06.The is the longest and fastest that I’ve ever finished in my races.

It’s always such an interesting feeling to get off a bike and start to run. You’re legs feel super wobbly. I was most proud of my run time I think. I was able to finish my 5k (3.1 mile) run in 29:57. This is probably one of the fastest times that I’ve ever finished a run in. I’ve never been a very fast runner, but it’s something that I want to work on. I was impressed too, because the course was mostly down hill and then up hill after the turn around.

Like I said, overall I was very happy with my overall time of 1:48:57. Dan did really well too, so well that he actually beat me by 48.8 sec. I’m proud of him for finishing in 1:48:08, especially since he didn’t feel super good this morning, but I wish I could have gone just a little faster.


Swim 00:08:26 00:08:26 08:37:03 5 5 5
T1 00:10:50 00:02:23 08:39:27 5 5 5
Cycle 01:17:56 01:07:06 09:46:34 6 6 6
T2 01:18:59 00:01:02 09:47:37 4 4 4
Run 01:48:57 00:29:57 10:17:35 4 4 4

General Relief Society Broadcast

Sister Bonnie H. Carson

How do I stay centered on our Savior Jesus Christ?

  • Feast upon the words of Christ. Always read the scriptures.
  • Come to know the trust the Lord through prayer. Ask in faith.
  • We can know the Lord as we serve others. When our focus turns to others there is light, hope, faith, and joy.

Sister Carol F. McConkie

We must choose holiness. We must keep our covenants. Come to the temple. 

Sister Linda K. Burton

Covenant keeping discipleship requires sacrifice.

Elder Henry B. Eyring

At times you will long for peace as you face uncertainty. If we turn to the Lord, He will help us. He will make our weaknesses into strengthens. Awareness of our weaknesses is the first step.

Put your trust in that Spirit which would lead you to do good. Typically this good is to serve those around you.

Allow the Holy Ghost to afffect what we see when we look at one another. The Holy Ghost lets us see through the eyes of Christ.

Such a wonderful meeting and so many great reminders to center our lives on Jesus Christ. 


Today was a beautiful day for the zoo. The weather really couldn’t have been any more perfect than it was. We joined a few friends down at the zoo and enjoyed the day running around, looking at maps, seeing animals, playing in the barn and just all around having fun. 

I love the tight spots that Claire gets herself into. She thinks she’s still small and can fit anywhere. Love it.


I went swimming for the first time today in a long time. It’s probably been over 2 years since I’ve Swam any sort of lap in the pool. We have a triathlon on Saturday and I wanted to be in the pool at least one time before the race. It was good to swim, still not any good, but still good to swim.


Hailey loves to play with friends. Today we invited her friend Londyn over to play. She was so excited this morning, that she watched and waited by the window until she got here. I think she asked every 5 minutes if she was coming. Those two girls are like peas in a pod. They run upstairs to play, then came downstairs to play, then back upstairs again. She didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. Love watching Hailey play with her friends.